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Understanding the future – what it is, where it comes from and where it’s going

We can’t predict the future, but we can understand the forces that create it, the trends that are shaping it, and the direction it is taking us, leading us to some mind boggling conclusions about our near future and the fate of humanity.

Accelerating Change – Why the world is getting crazier

Most people would agree that change is happening at an accelerating rate. By examining the reasons for it we can see that this acceleration will continue, and will have huge implications for our social, economic and political systems.

Ten trends shaping the future

The future is not formed by random events, but by recognizable trends. Some of these trends are recent while others have been ongoing since the beginning of history. Identifying and exploring these can help explain the change we see happening around us and how it will unfold in the next few decades.

The ten technology revolutions changing humanity

From printed human organs to mind reading computers, we are seeing emerging technologies that are beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago. How we live our lives is being transformed by these ten categories of technology that are undergoing revolutionary change.

The future of the automobile

Is it the end of the road for the gasoline engine? Are the days driving our own cars numbered? There is plenty of hype about electric and self-driving vehicles, both positive and negative. We examine the emerging technologies that are forming the future of personal travel, and explore the factors that will determine their adoption.

Robots, robots, robots

Sophisticated robots are moving from the factory assembly line out into the world. Household helpers, sexbots, and Terminator style soldiers are all in the works. A diverse robot army is about to invade our everyday lives in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

Here comes the sun – the solar power revolution

The amount of solar energy that hits the earth is 10,000 times as much as we need to run everything. Technologies on the way include solar roofing tiles, windows, and even a liquid that can be painted on a wall to capture sunlight. Harnessing the sun will soon be cheaper than oil or coal, and will change everything from the design of our buildings to the vehicles we drive.

The future of human health

New medical discoveries and technologies are appearing at an astonishing rate. From cancer vaccines to printed organs to reversing the effects of aging, we explore the radical developments on the horizon.

How long would you like to live?

How much would you pay to live an extra 10 years? 100? 1000? What if your body were restored to the fitness level of a 21 year old? A growing team of researchers is working on technologies that may enable us to restore youth to our bodies and live healthy lives indefinitely.

Why your children will be cyborgs

One of the most promising areas of new medical technologies is implantable devices that can monitor and improve our health. For now, these are costly and reserved for the chronically ill, but they will soon be cheap and ubiquitous. For the next generation, not having an implant will be the equivalent of us not having a telephone.

Transhumanism, immortality and the singularity

The transhumanist movement believes that we should not settle for living inside biological bodies that get old and die, but we should use technology to increase our lifespan, enhance our bodies, and even upload our personalities to computers, enabling us to live forever. Regardless of one’s view, we may not have a choice. Computers with human level intelligence are on the horizon and may increase their own intelligence exponentially, causing an event known as the technological singularity. As for what happens next, all bets are off.

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